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Mahavilachchiya needs you!

Several years ago, I got the opportunity to visit a small foundation in the middle of the jungle in Mahavilachchiya that made a strong impression on me and my friends in the LKLUG. We were there to teach kids computers and introduce them to the wealth of free and open

Software Freedom Day 2008

An event to mark the Software Freedom Day was organized by the Free Software Foundation and held in Boston over the weekend. I felt that a long drive was just what I needed to get my mind off the series of mini catastrophes that have been taking place at work

GPLv3 Launch

GPLv3 was launched on Friday (29) after close to eighteen months of public involvement in it’s drafting process. This has been an important milestone in the free software world as an upgrade to the GPL to address some of the more modern concerns have been a long time coming.

Sahana receives FSF award

I attended the 2007 FSF members meeting today — codenamed “Year of the upgrade”. — snip —  09:15–10:00 Breakfast, registration, and pgp key signing 10:00–10:25 Peter Brown, Executive Director — “Libre Planet” 10:25–10:50 John Sullivan, Program Administrator -”BadVista and the Campaign for Free Software

Mahavilachchiya — day two

Yesterday was the second day of the FOSS-ed on Wheels at Mahavilachchiya. The kids were some of the brightest I’ve met and they pick things up in a flash. The night before, I did a programming primer to a group of lads and lasses, 18 years old on average.

From Mahavilachchiya, with love

I’m at Mahavilachchiya right now, at the Horizon Lanka Foundation, with the FOSS-ed on Wheels troupe. So far the experience has been breathtaking. Yesterday, we were at the Kekirawa Central College where we talked to a group of individuals eager to learn about FOSS. This group was very diverse,

FOSS-ed for Hackers, a footnote

FOSS-ed for Hackers ended last week, and the entire geek blogosphere has been brimming with posts on the subject so I won’t delve much into it. Overall, it was a success. The participation was extremely good and the event was organized in style, thanks largely to Devaka. The appearance


It was a very eventful weekend. For one thing, the FSF associate member’s meeting was being held at MIT on Saturday. I’m not a fan of social events, but as it turns out, geek hangouts are where I thrive. Made the long and arduous journey to Boston with