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Sahana receives FSF award
By Anuradha Weeraman profile image Anuradha Weeraman
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Sahana receives FSF award

I attended the 2007 FSF members meeting today — codenamed “Year of the upgrade”.

— snip — 

09:15–10:00 Breakfast, registration, and pgp key signing
10:00–10:25 Peter Brown, Executive Director — “Libre Planet”
10:25–10:50 John Sullivan, Program Administrator -”BadVista and the Campaign for Free Software Adoption”
10:50–11:05 Justin Baugh, Senior System Administrator — “Hardware Free from Restrictions”
11:05–11:20 Joshua Ginsberg, Senior System Administrator — “FSF Systems Administration”
11:20–11:35 Break
11:35–12:10 Brett Smith, Licensing Engineer — “Compliance and GPLv3”
12:10–12:50 Richard Stallman, President — “Software Patents”
12:50–13:50 Lunch and mini-rockbox installfast
13:50–14:40 Gerald Sussman, Director — “Robust Design”
14:40–15:20 Eben Moglen, General Counsel — “After GPLv3”
15:20–16:00 Board members panel and Q&A — “Year of the Upgrade”
16:00–16:15 Break
16:15–17:30 Members Forum — including a presentation by Mako Hill on “Defining Free Culture”
17:30–17:50 Free Software Awards Ceremony

— snip —

Four members from the Sahana team (Chamindra, Pradeeper, Mifan and Ravindra) were present at the meeting to receive the Free Software award for Project of Social Benefit!! This is a truly great achievement, kudos to you all!

Just as I expected, I bumped into Niibe this year as well, and we caught up on some of the Debian work that I’ve been doing with him. Niibe is my mentor at Debian and has been helping me immensely to get my packages into Debian.

Other notable attendees were Bruce Perens and Ted Ts’o.

I noticed Ted when he entered the room, towards the latter part of the event. It was only later that I found out that he was to receive the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free software. I didn’t expect to see any high profile kernel hackers as himself at FSF events although there was one attendee who was the splitting image of Alan Cox, but a little poking round revealed that to be a false lead.

The presentation by Mako Hill on “Defining Free Culture” was quite informative on some of the good work he’s been upto lately. Eben Moglen’s oratory was impressive as always and Gerald Sussman confounded the audience with some deep mathematics. RMS spoke on software patents.

Some photos from the event are available on my flickr.

Past events: FSF Members Meeting, 2006

By Anuradha Weeraman profile image Anuradha Weeraman
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