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2013, a retrospective

It has been an interesting year in ways that I did not anticipate. Looking back, I’d like to recount a few things so that I don’t forget the experiences that have dramatically altered my worldview, hopefully for the better. I’d like to remember these fleeting moments, as

A boy’s first computer

The week so far has been an eventful one. Being bed-ridden has made me pensive and nostalgic about my childhood, and long for the simpler days. I was specifically dwelling on the subject of interpreters and compilers which took me back to when I was nine, when I asked my

Way to blue

Been playing Nick Drake on endless repeat the past few weeks and it amazes me how it never gets old. I’ve been nursing a Drake obsession for more than three years now, but then I’ve been known to hook onto particular works for exceedingly long periods of time.