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On key signing and trust

Key signing is a hallowed tradition in the open source world with a very specific protocol for validating and confirming an identity before accepting someone to the web of trust. It’s almost never done without meeting the person being admitted into the trust relationship and it goes like this:

Virtual Private Networking

I’m sure most of you would have had to mess around with VPNs at some point of your lives. Sometimes, VPNs can turn nasty and bind you to an OS that hinders your free spirit. But thanks to IPSec, that doesn’t always have to be the case. For

Hut 8, Bletchley Park

Came across the M4 project a couple of days ago while doing some much needed digging. Its simply a distributed effort to crack 3 enigma messages encoded in (what is believed to be) “Shark”, the formidable naval cipher which uses four rotors as opposed to “Dolphin” that uses just three.

The Onion Router

I recently tried out TOR for the first time as this has been something in my TODO list for a while. It was just a matter of apt-get install tor privoxy Adding the following line in /etc/privoxy/config forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 . And starting the tor and privoxy services. Next,