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Sony Reader Wishlist
By Anuradha Weeraman profile image Anuradha Weeraman
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Sony Reader Wishlist

Here’s a list of things I’d like to see in a future version of the Sony Reader.

1) Wireless — Not so much for surfing (although that would be nice), as transferring files from one device to another. Subject to DRM restrictions for files that are locked of course so publishers have not to worry and at the same time let open content be freely transferred amongst users.

2) Open up specifications to BBeB — Considering the latest series of PR blunders that Sony has made, allegedy in good faith, I think it’s in their best interest to realize that closing up protocols and specifications is stupid.

3) Search with some form of text input mechanism — Something I’d need eventually, and so will a lot of people. The current UI doesn’t scale, I don’t want to have to scroll through a hundred docs and PDFs to find what I want.

4) Highlighting and note-taking capability would be nice. This would require a decent text input mechanism. If this platform is ever going to succeed in academic circles, I think this would be a much welcome feature.

5) An optional backlight. Personally I don’t need this feature, but I know people who do.

6) Strip the mp3 player and cut the price. $350 is a big price tag for something like this. I would have preffered the price to be around $100 — $150. I guess it’ll get there eventually.

7) Colour. Colour Eink technology is out there, I hear. Fujitsu is already doing it.

8 ) Be good to project Gutenberg. Better wrapping, that sort of thing.

9) Support Linux. Be nice. Give back.

10) A root shell? Please?

By Anuradha Weeraman profile image Anuradha Weeraman
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